Totalproof ®


the new frontier of thermal & acoustic insulation

Totalproof ®

Experience, innovation and technical
know-how. In a word: Totalproof ®

This initiative began with a group of entrepreneurs active in the building construction sector for several decades. As a result, the company benefits from their first-hand knowledge of the demands operators have to tackle every day in thermal, acoustic and fire protection insulation fields.


Totalproof® responds to the need for alternative, high-performance systems for insulating internal and external walls,
as well as compartmentalization of new or renovated buildings.


Research and development: the true power of Totalproof ®

A vital role in the growth and success of Totalproof® as an innovative manufacturing company is played by the research and development department: it has been engaged for two years in the definition and implementation of a unique insulation system in terms of performance and versatility.

Continuous collaboration with qualified certification institutes also means that Totalproof® can enter national and international markets with products that always comply with current standards and regulations.

The company's constantly updated production centre makes the most of cutting-edge technologies capable of supporting output of large quantities of material – even with an eye always focused on sustainability.


Dynamics and development, reliability and safety

The strength of Totalproof® lies in the expertise and high-level specialization of the technicians and experts involved in development and distribution.

The company's founding values are dynamism, flexibility and attention to safety. This enabled the inventors of the Totalproof® panel and insulation system to develop a brand new and 100% reliable solution.

The mission is to provide industry operators with a complete system based on cutting-edge and environmentally sustainable products capable of meeting the needs of planners, construction companies and applicators thanks to a coherent, long-term strategy.